DPS Consult

Consulting services


Danish Power Systems offers solutions at a very high level within a wide range of technical and chemical disciplines. We assist our customers in developing product and process innovations by:

  • Know-how
  • Literature
  • Fact finding
  • Training
  • Pilot projects
  • Test and measurements
  • Development of materials and products

Within chemistry and materials development we offer extensive industrial expertise including the following:

  • Metal production and refining
  • Recycling of metals
  • Development of special alloys
  • Surface treatments and modifications
  • High temperature chemistry
  • Synthesis of inorganic and organic chemical materials
  • Thermal resistant polymers
  • Manufacturing of ceramic powders and materials
  • Applications of molten salts
  • Materials for human implants
  • Product development and manufacturing of prototypes
  • Tape-casting and zone-refining technology


DPS Tantalum Coatings


We are now able to offer the service to make coatings of metallic parts with tantalum on demand of parts for various uses. This may be for heavy corrosive environments, for electrodes, for medical purposes or even for jewellery.


Items of Pure Tantalum

Items of pure tantalum can be made by coating a template made of e.g. copper, cutting it out and afterwards dissolving the template. As an example we have made rings for eye implantations having the dimensions:

Inner diameter: 6.7mm

Outer diameter: 7.0 mm

Thickness: 0.2 mm


Our Electrolytic Tantalum Coating Process

  • The coating is made by the use of a molten salt electro-deposition process. The electrolyte consists of a proprietary mixture of fluorides, and is handled under argon atmosphere.
  • The Process temperature is above 700 degrees C.
  • The standard coating thickness for corrosion protection is 50 μm, however 100 μm or more can easily be applied. The process has been developed to a level corresponding to the requirements for production of medical devices. The equipment is highly specialised and optimized. We possess state-of-the-art know-how about coatings of tantalum by molten salt electro-deposition.
  • Base materials like Stainless steel, copper, Hastalloy and other metals can be coated. The only requirement is that the base materials must be electrically conductive and compatible with the process temperature around 700°C.
  • Parts up to 270 mm in diameter and up to 210 mm in height/length can be treated.
  • The maximum weight of individual part to be coated at present is 20 kg.

Corrosion resistance of Tantalum

Tantalum metal is a very corrosion resistant material. It is almost completely immune to attack by acids and liquid metals. Only a few chemical reagents like hydrofluoric acid, fuming sulphuric acid (oleum), and strong alkalis have a tendency to weakly attack tantalum.

The reason for the high stability is that tantalum forms an extremely stable oxide layer on its surface, when exposed to oxygen in the atmosphere.

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 DPS tantalum coatings