DPS Consult

Consulting services

Danish Power Systems offers solutions at a very high level within a wide range of technical and chemical disciplines.
We assist our customers in developing product and process innovations by:

  • Know-how
  • Literature
  • Fact finding
  • Training
  • Pilot projects
  • Test and measurements
  • Development of materials and products

Within chemistry and materials development we offer extensive industrial expertise including the following:

  • Metal production and refining
  • Recycling of metals
  • Development of special alloys
  • Surface treatments and modifications
  • High temperature chemistry
  • Synthesis of inorganic and organic chemical materials
  • Thermal resistant polymers
  • Manufacturing of ceramic powders and materials
  • Applications of molten salts
  • Materials for human implants
  • Product development and manufacturing of prototypes
  • Tape-casting and zone-refining technology